IAA Partner

Intanjaya Agromegah Abadi began business in the agriculture industry in early 1991. We obtained our agricultural license and purchased land to begin a coffee and bean plantation in South Sulawesi as a wholesaler. We later expanded by purchasing additional land to include an abaca plant plantation to enhance our trading.

In 1996, we added a new division in the Oil & Gas arena to further our growth. We then began a new relationship with our partner, Inter Global Technologies, a USA Company located in Oklahoma who has been a strong support base to our success. An additional partner includes, Hi-Tech International Group of Saudi Arabia, who will provide our crude oil supply.

With the cooperation of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, we successfully obtained three (3) licenses granted by our Government to begin our Oil Refinery Projects in Rempang, Tanjung Sau, Batam, Riau Province and Parepare, South Sulawesi Province respectively.

This division became our primary focus for development. We felt this project could play a strategic role in enriching our country’s economic development.

AGROMEGAH ABADI, widely known as PT. INTANJAYA or IAA, has been in business since early 1991.