The Mission:

To develop Refinery Projects that will initially incorporate imported Crude Oil, with the goal in the future to utilize Indonesia's own natural resources, as well as to establish future licenses in diverse non oil and gas developments to contribute to the growth of the Indonesian economy.

As our company grows, we will also participate in various Humanitarian projects and community developments for the betterment of mankind.

The Vision:

Indonesia's enormous natural and manpower resources present an opportunity for wide scale business development in the fields of energy and refined petroleum products.

Strategically positioned amid a growing domestic and International market for energy products, the development of local Indonesian Refineries will help to meet demand and increase export volume of refined petroleum products.

We envision a variety of benefits for the local communities derived from the success of Refinery Operations including job opportunities, small business development, and enhanced social welfare.

The Plan:

The plan to develop Refinery projects was originally decided in early 1997 in partnership with Inter Global Technologies of Oklahoma, USA, and Hi-Tech International Group, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, who committed respectively to provide technology, financial support and crude supply guarantee.

South Sulawesi Oil Refinery, with three government permits to develop Rempang, Tanjung Sau, Batam and Parepare, will likely be the first private refinery owner in Indonesia with total production of 900,000 BOPD. Total estimated investment is approximately $15,000,000,000 USD, including oil exploration and petrochemical.


The basic idea to choose Rempang, Batam in the Western part of Indonesia and Parepare, eastern Indonesia as the site of the Refinery is guided by strong consideration that each location of the Refinery can be the center and trigger for the economic development especially in the Western and Eastern part of Indonesia.

In addition to producing fuel products, a certain segment of the refinery projects will also be dedicated to the production of petrochemicals. To this end it is intended to dedicate one whole refinery (at least) as a Petrochemical Centre for the production of selected commodity chemicals, such as Polypropylene, Benzene and Paraxylene. It is envisioned that the majority of petrochemical products will be exported.