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Inter Global Technologies ( IGT ), Intanjaya Agromegah Abadi ( IAA ) and Hi-Tech International Partner to Build and Operate Oil Refineries in Indonesia.

The rapid growth of the Indonesian economy presents a significant opportunity to address the increased demand for Petroleum products. Current and projected growth estimates for Indonesia indicate that significant shortages of refined petroleum products are inevitable as economic expansion accelerates.

Indonesia - IGT refinery development areaThe enactment of the Indonesian Oil & Gas Law emphasizes the Government's desire to encourage private sector investment and participation in the development of refined petroleum products. The state-owned Indonesia Oil & Gas Company's limited resources makes it difficult to satisfy the increased domestic needs of petroleum products. The new law is designed to find a solution, especially in the development of new refineries.

Inter Global Technologies and our Indonesian partner, Pt. Intanjaya Agromegah Abadi, have accepted the Government's invitation to participate in the development of refined petroleum products with plans for multiple Refinery Projects.

The successful implementation of each Refinery will contribute to Indonesia's self sufficiency in petroleum products for domestic demand, as well as for International export.

Projects in Partnership

Parepare Oil refinery project on the island of Parepare, eastern Indonesia.
Batam Rempang Oil refinery project on the western island of Batam Rempang.
Tanjung Sau Oil refinery project in Tanjung Sau, situated near Rempang.

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